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Are You Using Fake Whatsapp – More Than 1 Million People have Downloaded Fake Whatsapp

Fake Whatsapp May Slow Down Your Cell Phone, Hang It and can even stole your data.

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Jamshedpur,7 November 2017 : A Fake Version Of The Whatsapp Chat Application Was Downloaded From Google Play Store Before It Was Removed.


The Fake whatsapp was named as "Update WhatsApp Messenger" in the play store but the worst thing was that it has it developer name as "Whatsapp Inc" which is same for original whatsapp.

Whoever was behind the app managed to make it look as though its developer was "WhatsApp Inc".

They did this by using that exact name, though replacing the space with a special character that looks like a space.

The subtle difference would have been practically undetectable to the average user.

As per the discussion of reddit , the fake whatsapp has adds and could download software to user device.

Users who have updated the app via the real whatsapp would not have been affected but those who downloaded the "Updated Whatsapp Messenger" from google play store should unisntall in an install the original whatsapp.

It is far from the first time that Google has had to clean up fake malicious apps on the Play Store.

A News Was also published in B.B.C for this issue.


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