Whatsapp Down – Chat App Not Working For Millions In U.S.A, U.K, India And Other Countries

Whatsapp Is Down Since Last Few Minutes In U.K , U.S.A , India and Other Countries Of The World

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Jamshedpur,3 November 2017 : Users Are Currently Struggling To Connect And Are Hardly Able To Send And Receive Any Messages.

Whatsapp was almost down for 30 minutes in Jamshedpur 01:55 - 02 :30 pm Today , Most of the users are still facing difficulty connecting to whatsapp and receiving and sending messages.

Few have received messages 02:45 - 02:50 pm but it again went down.

A News Was published On Express.co.uk


Users are experiencing problems with the app across the world with reports coming in from Italy, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Germany, India, USA an Sri Lanka.

Express.co.uk contacted WhatsApp about the current outage.


WhatsApp is down for over a thousand of users in Britain right now, with reports increasing by the second that the app is broken.

Independent website DownDetector, which tracks social comments around a certain topic to monitor outages across the globe, shows over a thousand of WhatsApp customers reporting issues using the app.

According to the site, problems with the chat app occurred around 8am this morning, with hundreds of people reporting issues with the app.

DownDetector says that 60 per cent of customers are having issue connecting to it.

A further 25 per cent report issues receiving messages and 14 per cent are struggling to login.


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