Route Map & Instruction For ISL Match In Jamshedpur Today – Jamshedpur FC VS FC Pune

Jamshedpur all set for the ISL Match between Jamshedpur FC and FC Pune

Jamshedpur Dec 10, 2017: The ISL Match between Jamshedpur FC and FC Pune City will be played at the JRD Tata Sports Complex on December 10, 2017 at 5.30 pm. The following may be noted for information to public:

ISl Jamshedpur FC vs FC Pune

Route Diversion and Parking Arrangement

  • Vehicular movement will be allowed as follows:
  • Sonari – Sakchi: From CH area Island to Postal Park Island- E-Road via L-town gate junction
  • Sakchi- Sonari : Through L-Town Gate junction to E Road – SB Road junction – CH Area roundabout
  • Sonari  -Mango: Through CH Area roundabout – Sai Temple – Marine Drive
  • Kadma – Mango: Through Inner Circle Road – E-Road – Pipeline Road

Do’s and Dont’s for spectators


  • Listen the instructions given from control room/security from time to time
  • In case of any emergency contact nearest security control room No – 0657 6500844 / 7632987465
  • Follow instructions displayed at various locations
  • Park your vehicle in designated parking
  • Follow queue to enter / exist stadium


  • Don’t cross / jump any barricade
  • Don’t over speed the vehicle
  • Don’t leave your kids alone
  • Don’t park here & there
  • Don’t use cell phone while driving
  • Don’t try to climb on tree/ scaffold or any structure

Medical Facilities

Inside JRD Tata Sports Complex, the Medical services will be headed by Medical Coordinator who is Chief of Medical Support Services, TMH. There will also be a Spectator Medical Centre with a 6 bedded facility with advance medical support. The Players’ Medical Centre will have a 2 bedded facility with advance medical support including an Orthopaedic Surgeon plus an Emergency Doctor. There will be 4 First Aid Centres near various Stadium Entrances. There will also be Advanced Life Support Ambulances with Critical Care Doctors

Similarly at Tata Main Hospital, all critical departments will be on standby. Adequate critical beds kept reserved in case of any untoward incident. Surgical Team, Burns Team, Critical Care Team will be on standby on short notice.

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