JRD Tata Sports Complex Gears Up For Its First ISL Match

JRD Tata Sports Complex Is All Set For The First ISL Match Which Will Be Played On 1st December 2017.

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Jamshedpur,8 October 2017 : Jamshedpur FC To Play Its First Match In Jamshedpur At J.R.D Tata Sports Complex On 1st December 2017, This Match Will Be Against ATK (Amar Tomar Kolkata)

This Match Will Be The First ISL Match at Jamshedpur .

Amidst fervour of Indian Super League (ISL), the JRD Tata sports complex is being revamped and upgraded as per standards of FIFA regulations. The complex has also been equipped with flood lights for night matches as well as 25,000 bucket seats. Development is also underway for  Players & Match Officials Area (PMAO)  also known as ‘Competition Area’ 

Commenting on the developments, Sunil Bhaskaran, vice president, corporate services, Tata Steel said; “We are very excited about the upcoming season and we are confident that the facilities for players, match officials and games at JRD Tata Sports Complex Jamshedpur will be comparable with the best around the world”.


Jamshedpur FC team is moving to Bangkok on 9th October for better practice.The team will return back to Jamshedpur in November and will practice here for next 15 days before . Jamshedpur FC will Play its first match on 18th November against  NEU (North East United) in Guwahati.

In Jamshedpur The First ISL match will be held on 1st December at J.R.D Tata Sports Complex . The Match will be between Jamshedpur FC and ATK .

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