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Two New Innovations In Jamshedpur : Your Bike Won’t Start Until You Wear Helmet And Remove Side Stand

Jamshedpur 3 December : Jamshedpur is now becoming the hub for innovations, In recent years jamshedpur has more developed towards a techie environment, People are coming up with new ideas and innovation from all around the city to make human life more easy , safe and better.

Recently Two guys of Jamshedpur has innovated something which will be very helpful in future.

These are the two new innovations:

  1. Your Bike won’t start without your helmet – makes you safer and also protect your bike from being stolen

  2. Your Bike won’t start until you remove the side stand

1.Smart Helmet Safety : Smart helmet safety is made by Nishat Ahmed Khan of NTTF  (Nature Training Technical Foundation). Nishat “Smart Helmet Safety”  is a set of transmitter and receiver which will be installed in your bike and helmet.

After installing this device you wont be able to start your bike without wearing your helmet and moreover nobody will be able to steal your bike as it wont move more than 100 meters without sensor.

The cost of the device is only rs 2,000.

2. Side Stand Kit : This side stand kit is made by Vishnu Sharma of Chota govindpur. According to vishnu after installing this kit your bike won’t start until you remove the side stand and moreover it would also protect your bike as after installing this kit your bike wont start with another key and the cost of this kit would be around Rs 1,000/-

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