People Went Out Of Control At Monali Thakur Show At Surya Mandir Jamshedpur

 As Monali Thakur Started Performing , People Lost Control And Started Throwing Chairs

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Jamshedpur,27 October 2017 : Monali Thakur Entertained Crowd During Cultural Program at Surya Mandir, Baridih, Jamshedpur.

However People lost control as Monali Thakur Started Performing on Stage, People started shouting and throwing chairs at each others and fought with each other while Chief Minister Raghubar Das was also present on the stage.

Few People disciplined them self on seeing police and for few police had to jump in but the crowd was soon controlled.

However Monali Thakur managed to entertain the crowd with her outstanding performance and the program was joyful.

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  1. Our city is getting worse by each passing day. We should take some initiative to prevent such messes cause this damages our own city’s self dignity and self esteem

  2. Shame on jamshedpur public being a citizen of jamshedpur it is shameful to hear this kind of news whenever any celebrity comes this kind of cheap mentality people give bad impressions to them

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