Bimonthly magazine Raza-e-Madina launched


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Jamshedpur, 12th October-2016 :


A bimonthly magazine Raza-e-Madina was launched here at Azad Nagar, Mango. Many intellectuals spoke on a host of current topics concerning youths, nation and society on the occasion.

The editor-in-chief of the magazine Mufti Abdul Malik Misbahi, spoke on the purpose of publishing the magazine. He said the magazine was printed with the view to fight against evils of society.

He said the youths need guidance so that they do not deviate from their path of righteousness and harm the society.

Among those present on the occasion included Ahmad Badr, Mohammad Mustajab Ali Khan Noori, Fakhruddin Vasil, Maulana Irfan Ahmad Azhari and Manzar Kaleem.






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