Jharkhand MLAs Threaten Legal Action Against Contractors For Commission

Jamshedpur 27th July 2021: Two ruling party MLAs, Bahragora MLA Sameer Mohanty and Potka MLA Sanjeev Sardar have threatened legal action against contractors who accused them of demanding commission.

The contractors had alleged that both the JMM MLAs had demanded commission for the project in the building construction department, protesting against which they boycotted the tender.

Both the MLAs denied the allegations and demanded legal action against the contractors who alleged that the MLAs demanded a 5% commission on the tenders of the building construction department.

Talking to the media, the two MLAs said that the contractors had leveled fabricated allegations against them as they prevented them from making cynical decisions in the execution of the project and challenged the contractors to prove their allegation of demanding commission.

Both the MLAs said that in the previous government only selected contractors were allowed to participate in the tenders of various projects, while the contractors of rural areas were not allowed to participate in the tenders. This was because of the syndicate between the officials and the contractors.

However, they raised voices for rural contractors so that they should also be allowed to take part in tenders if they fulfill all conditions of the tender, and in retaliation, the contractors made such baseless allegations against them and threatened to file a defamation suit against the contractors.

Both the MLAs said that they have already informed state chief minister Hemant Soren, and state chief secretary Sukhdev Singh about the issue and alleged that the contractors were working at the behest of vested interest groups.

Sameer Mohanty said that if any contractor proves the allegation of demanding commission, then he will resign immediately after leaving the MLA’s chair.

He also told that he has written to the Chief Minister and Chief Secretary for details of tenders in the Building Construction Department, Rural Development Department, and Urban Development Department during the previous BJP government of Raghuvar Das and how many were given to the contractors.

It is noteworthy that the contractors had boycotted the tender process of Rural Engineering Organization (REO) on Saturday, accusing two MLAs of taking 5% commission.

Potka MLA Sanjeev Sardar said that he has not asked for any commission from anyone nor has spoken to anyone on phone in this regard.

He threatened to take legal action so that the contractors would think twice before making such baseless allegations against the public representatives.

He told that in earlier governments, there was a syndicate of contractors and government officials, which they want to continue even during this government, but now it will not be allowed.

During the current government, all the work will be done transparently.

He also said that he was a member of the Zila Parishad for 10 years before becoming an MLA, but he was never accused of demanding commission.

He suspected that the allegations were made on the instigation of the opponents.

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