CM Soren Said Tribal University Will Start Before March In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur 29th Dec, 2020: Never in the history of 20 years of Jharkhand has such a powerful government been formed. This government has learned a lot from the Corona era. Now go beyond this and take the state on the track of development. Subsequent one year, the farm loan waiver is going to happen.

The above said Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Monday evening at his residence. He was speaking to the media on the fulfillment of one year of the government.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren stated that the Tribal University will be started in Jamshedpur before March. No more foundation laying, direct inauguration will take place. Till now only the building has been constructed. Now work will be started inside the building. 

A new Tribal Advisory Council (TAC) of Jharkhand will also be found in the new year. 

Hemant said that “Jharkhand ranks among the top 3-4 states of the world in better supervision during the COVID-19 period.”

Mr. Soren said: Let the opposition know that this purchase is not a government made by horse-trading. If the opposition party charges, then it should have some base. There is no threat to the coalition, it is the most powerful coalition government.

CM Soren’s Future Plan:

  • Jharkhand’s First Tribal University to be built in Jamshedpur, and construction will start before March.
  • Jharkhand first states to award scholarships for tribal students to study abroad.
  • The government is making rules, hope to constitute Tribal Advisory Council in the new year.
  • Government is serious about panchayat elections, global epidemic hindrance, efforts will be made to get it done soon.
  • BDO-CO will have to stay in the blockhouse, else their house allowance will be deducted.
  • About 19 thousand women identified under the Phulo-Jhano scheme, all will be linked to self-employment.
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