Banna Gupta

Banna Gupta: Prove It, When You Claim I Have Met B.J.P Politicians In Ranchi And Delhi

Saryu Roy: Banna Gupta has met B.J.P Politicians in Ranchi and Delhi, Desperate to join B.J.P since last 2 Years.

Jamshedpur 12 July 2019: A political statement of Sary Roy and Banna Gupta was published today in Dainik Bhaskar.

On one side a statement of  Minister Saryu Roy states that Banna Gupta has met B.J.P politicians in Ranchi and Delhi and is desperate to join B.J.P since last two years.

Saryu Roy also said that there is an internal conflict between congress leaders for the vote of one community in Jamshedpur West Assembly.

On the other side, a statement of Banna Gupta is published which says that he had not met any B.J.P politicians and if anyone claims it then he should also disclose the name and prove the same.

Furthermore, Banna Gupta also says that Saryu Roy is giving such statements because he is afraid of him in the elections.


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