Sadhu Charan Mahato Jharkhand

Raids Conducted At Residence Of M.L.A Sadhu Charan As Soon As The Arrest Warrant Was Issued

Police Conducted Raids At Two Residence Of M.L.A Sadhu Charan Mahato, One in Adityapur and another in Chandil

Jamshedpur, 27 February 2018: Police conducted raids on the residence of Sadhu Charan Mahato,

Police conducted raids on two houses of Sadhu Charan Mahato, one in Adityapur and another in Chandil.

Police of six police station reached the M.L.A residence at 06:00 am in Adityapur and searched every single room of this house.

On not getting any clue about the accused, police inquired his father and came to knew that he has not been to home since 25th February.

Police also conducted a raid at his Chandil residence just 4 hours after the first raid but here also the police team did not get any trace of him.

Police from Nimdih Police station also searched on highway nearby Nimdih Police station but was unable to find him.

These raids were conducted after a non-bailable arrest warrant was issued against the M.L.A Sadhu Charan Mahato.

This arrest warrant was issued in a case of Saraikela-Khawsawan where the M.L.A slapped a government officer named Dipu Kumar on 22nd February.

M.L.A Sadhu Charan will surrender on 5th March.

As per a new published in Hindustan Times newspaper, M.L.A Sadhu Charan Mahato have contacted the news agency over the phone and informed that he is out of the station and will be back to the city on 4th March and will surrender on 5th March.

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