Raghubar Das : Congress Instructed Christian Missionaries For Religion Conversion

Chief Minister Raghubar Das Attacked Christian Missionaries And Congress In Gumla


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Jamshedpur,23 October 2017 : Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das Accused Missionaries For Conversion .

Raghubar Das "People Say That Jesus Will Change Their Life  But Here Life Of Church Is Changed"

In Badri village, Dumka Chief minister Raghubar Das accused the christian missionaries for conversion , he said that in previous 60 years the missionaries have only done conversion  under the shadow of helping the poor .

He also said that these conversion done by christian missionaries were instructed by the congress party.He later spoke on the death due to starvation, said that opposition is showing false tears on the death of Santoshi, a residence of simdega due to starvation.

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