Public opposed C.M Raghubhar Das by throwing Shoes – C.M commented “Dirty Political strategy”

 Chief Minister Ranghubhar Das was opposed by Adivasi

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Jamshedpur, 3 January 2017 :  Chief Minister raghubar das was opposed by the Adivasi's when he was giving tribute to martyr in Shahid Park at 11:45 am

Adivasi's opposed  amendment of C.N.T Act by  Raghubar Das

Adivasi's expresses themselves by showing black flag, and blocking his way and later on by throwing shoes.

Black flag was shown on Chief minister's arrival and shoes were thrown when he was departing.

It was earlier announced by J.M.M that C.M who has made alteration in the C.N.T Act would not be allowed to visit the martyr's .

Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that people playing dirty politics even with martyr atleast they should have spared the martyr.

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