Free Corona Test Jamshedpur COVID19

Free COVID-19 Test In These 11 Camps Of Jamshedpur Today

Jamshedpur 31 August 2020: Jharkhand government (Health Department) has set up 11 camps for free COVID-19 test in East Singhbhum for today 31st August 2020. 51 people are put up in 11 camps in East Singhbhum For Free COVID-19 test. Health Minister Banna Gupta has also informed about this free camp on social media: Free […]

Kantilal Medica TMH

Kantilal Medica Has Been Taken Over By Tata Main Hospital

Jamshedpur 30th Aug, 2020: The Medica (Kantilal) hospital has been taken over by Tata Steel and TMH, but the TMH manager has a major staffing challenge to handle it. More than 300 TMH staff have been affected by Corona so far. However, the hospital manager is assessing every aspect. On Saturday, the TMH expert team went to […]

Parking Bistupur Jamshedpu

No Parking At M Road Bistupur, Outside Jawahar Market & Kamani Centre

Jamshedpur 30 August: Parking has been prohibited today at M road Bistupur (outside Jawahar Market, Franks Restaurant and Kamani Centre). This new rule come into effect from today, even the shopkeepers are not allowed to park their vehicles anymore at M road Bistupur . The exact reason for this is still not clear but it […]

Jharkhand Relaxation

Jharkhand Unlock 4: Mall, Saloon,Restaurant & More To Open In Jharkhand

Jamshedpur 29th Aug, 2020: Jharkhand Government has issued new notification for Unlock in Jharkhand . The government has provided relaxation to all economy activities The department of Home Affairs has issued a notification on Friday stating relaxation for a list of activities outside contaminated zone. The lockdown will be fully implemented within the Containment Zone. Activities will […]


Hospital Are Running Out Of Bed In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur 28 August 2020: Since last few weeks almost all hospitals of Jamshedpur are running out of bed. Both COVID and non-COVID patients are facing this problem. Almost all beds in city’s hospital have been occupied by COVID positive patients, patients with other disease are suffering more. Yesterday,A 78-years-old resident of Parsudih named Manoranjan Boss […]


Jharkhand Governemnt Opens Baba Baidyanath & Basukhinaath temple

Jharkhand government on Wednesday announced that the residents of the State will be allowed for darshan at Baidyanath & Basukhinaath temple Jamshedpur 27 Aug: Jharkhand government on Wednesday announced that the residents of the State will be allowed for darshan at Baidyanath Jyotirlinga temple in Deoghar and Basukhinaath temple in Dumka. While devotees from any […]

Police Constable Raped Jharkhand

Female Police Constable Raped In Quarantine Centre In Jamshedpur, Accused Arrested

The constable, identified as Anil Kumar, was charged with rape after being produced at a local court. The Jharkhand Police on Tuesday arrested one of its constables for allegedly raping his colleague at a Covid-19 quarantine centre in Jamshedpur, the Hindustan Times reported. The woman alleged that the accused took her to one of the […]

Suicide barber

Jamshedpur Shocked After Second Barber Commits Suicides In A week

Jamshedpur 26th Aug, 2020: A 42-years-old barber named Jodhi Thakur who was a resident of Kunj Nagar Dhobi Line under the deceased Sonari police station, was missing since Friday afternoon. On Saturday, the family had reported him missing at Sonari police station. Jodhi Thakur committed suicide by leaping into the river from the Doomuhani bridge on […]

Jamshedpur Sucide

Barber Commits Sucide In Jamshedpur, Hangs Himself In Saloon – Who Is Responsible ?

Jamshedpur 24th Aug, 2020: Faced with financial constraints, a 29-years-old barber named as Shyam Thakur committed suicide by hanging himself in his saloon in Sonari Guddi Bazaar. He was a resident of Ramnagar Road No. 2. His body was recovered on Sunday morning. His brother told that Shyam did not reach home till late night on Saturday. […]

Jamshedpur death cause

Jamshedpur Ranks First In Country In Death Due To Respiratory Disease

Jamshedpur 23rd Aug, 2020: Jamshedpur has the highest number of deaths due to respiratory diseases like pneumonia, asthma, diarrhea, malaria, dengue, and TB. A total of 18.6%  death are reported in the city due to respiratory disease. Jamshedpur is the first state in the country that is dying the most due to breathing  diseases. Respiratory diseases are […]