85% Of Tata Steel Employees Satisfied With Company’s Salary And Facilities

Jamshedpur 9th July,2020: 16,000 employees of Tata Steel are happy with the salary and facilities provided by the company.

Among 16000 employees,8500 employees i.e. 66% were from Jamshedpur plant and they all were completely satisfied with the convenience provided by the company.

Tata Steel conducts survey approaching 20 points amongst blue-collar employees every year. Recently, Tata Steel conducts a survey that was mainly about three things:

  • To say( employees share positive things related to the company with their family and friends).
  • Stopping( wants to stop here for seeing a better future in the company) and
  • Effort( employees are much encouraged that they want to try something or anything new).

iphone 11 Jamshedpur

In this survey, they examined the issues like wages of employees, facilities provided by the company, safety, innovation, career development, customer focus, learning, and development. 

“16000 employees of Tata Steel are satisfied with the other facilities including wages from the company”.

The company management shared the survey report to the Tata Workers Union Leadership via a webinar on Tuesday.

Last year, the company’s performance was about 78% while it has increased to 85% after two years.

The company is rated 85% while the Indian standard averages 80% by Concentric, Concentric is an independent agency which conduct employe happens engagement study .

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