Jamshedpur Parking JNAC

E-POS , Pay Once And Park Multiple Times Anywhere In Jamshedpur For 2 Hours.

Jamshedpur 11 Aug 2019: JNAC is now set to start E-Pos service in all parking stand of Jamshedpur. This service is set to start in the next 10 days in Jamshedpur.

Once this E-pos service starts, vehicle owners will be able to park their vehicles in all JNAC parking of Jamshedpur for the next 2 hours in a single ticket.

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Through this E-pos the vehicle owner will get a printed token on parking their vehicle. This printed token will have all the details such as the vehicle number and parking time.

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This E-pos system will also facilitate the vehicle owner of paying the parking fees through credit/debit card.

On Saturday JNAC special officer Krishna Kumar took these major decisions:

  1.  E-pos service will start within the next 10 days.
  2. 1 Ticket will be valid for 2Hours at all parking stand
  3. CCTV camera will be installed at major parking stands.
  4. Parking in-charge will wear a dress and an ID card.
  5. Free parking for the first 10 minutes will be brought into effect.

Since July, many steps have been taken to make the marking facility better in Jamshedpur. Few of them are:

1.) JNAC Increased Parking Charge And Removes Time Limit.

2.) JNAC announced the first 15 minutes parking free of charge.

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