JNAC Increased Parking Charge And Removes Time Limit

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Jamshedpur 17 July: As per the latest announcement from JNAC the parking charges will be now be increased for cars from Rs 10 to Rs 20 per vehicle.

50% Discount will be provided to cars only on Sunday and Rs 10 will be collected as the parking charge per car.

The charges for bike parking will remain the same at Rs 5.

There will be no time limitation for a parked vehicle. JNAC removed the time limitation from all parking zones. earlier the parking charges were only for 1-2 hours depending on different zones but now the time limitation has been removed and you can park your vehicle for longer duration at the same price.

Earlier JNAC instructed the contractor to collect parking at low rates but now the rates have increased.

Previously JNAC also instructed the parking contractors to not collect any charges from the vehicles parked for the first 15 minutes but now it has been reduced to firs 10 minutes.

The following decisions were taken at JNAC office on Tuesday after a meeting was conducted with JNAC officers and parking contractors.

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