Why Are You Paying For The First 15 Minutes Of Parking When It Is Free ?

Jamshedpur 11 July 2019:  JNAC Speical Official conducted a meeting and instructed all the parking contractors of Jamshedpur to not collect parking charges for the first 15 minutes of parking and also do not collect any charges from a person who has parked his vehicle for less than 15 minutes.

Special Officer of JNAC also instructed the contractors to use a portable electronic machine to distribute ticket to the vehicle owners in which time can be printed.

Furthermore, it was also instructed to collect only the approved charges from vehicle owners which is Rs5 for Bikes and Rs 10 for Cars only after the duration of 15 minutes.

On the other hand, the contractors also complained about the encroachment in the parking area for which the special officer assured that it will be soon taken care of.

The S.O also warned that violation of the above instruction may lead to the termination of the tender and also adviced the public to report any of the violation.

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