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A New Vending Zone Is Being Constructed By Demolishing 4 Quarters In Sakchi

Jamshedpur 19 June 2018: A few weeks ago vendors were removed from Jubilee Park gate, Sakchi and till now these vendors are not given a suitable place to run their business.

A number of protests were also performed in since the vendors were removed forcibly by the government.

Tata Steel has now started the work to establish these vendors again and provide them with a suitable place to carry on their business in Sakchi.

For this 4 quarters are being demolished near Tagore Academy School, Sakchi.

Few B.J.P politicians met D.C regarding this and B.J.P politician Chitranjan Verma said that the Deputy Commissioner assured them that the vendors will soon be settled and Tata Steel has already given NOC to establish these vendors on a plot near Tagore Academy School.

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  1. Love u sakchi and its residents….. miss u all and miss my home at sakchi my birth place…. always stay blessed and green and clean. Love ur mismirizing beauty and elegance.

    • Dear Tarique,
      Thanks a lot for reading our articles and commenting on our website, As per your comment you are looking for space in the new vendor zone but we don’t have much information about this but we suggest you to contact DC office or Old vendors.

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