Dozen Of Spark Plug Stolen From Motorcycles Parked At No Parking Zone Of Jamshedpur

Spark Plugs Were Stolen From More Than A Dozen Of Bikes Which Were Parked Outside T.M.H Jamshedpur.

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Jamshedpur,6 November 2017 : On Sunday night some people stole spark plug and wire from bikes parked at no parking zone outside T.M.H hospital Jamshedpur.


In Jamshedpur, everyday we see a large number of vehicles are parked at  no parking zone but yesterday few people did something to trouble the people who parked vehicle at no parking zone.

Yesterday some people removed spark plugs and wire from the bikes which were parked outside Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur and also pushed some bikes down to ground.

one by one people gathered up after discovering that spark plugs were intentionally removed from large number of bikes parked outside T.M.H, Later on a complain was filed against this issue.


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