25 Suspended After Report, 8 Bridges of Mukhyamantri Gram Setu Yojna Collapsed In Jharkhand

8 Bridges Collapsed In Jharkhand

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Jamshedpur,11 October 2017 : Rural Affairs Minister Neelkanth Singh Munda Suspended 25 Engineers After 8 Bridges Of Mukhyamantri Gram Setu Yojna Collapsed In Jharkhand


These Bridges were at Gumla, Saraikela- kharsawan,Latehar,Loherdaga and Khunti.

Three Bridges collapsed in Gumla : A Bridge over Sankh river ,Maryam Tola And Sarna Toli has collapsed and another bridge over Dakshin Koyal river, Balkh Tunga and Larenge Path has collapsed, Another river on the banks of Aurang river has also collapsed.

Two Bridges Collapsed in Lohardaga : A Bridge over Kolsimiri river,Kudu has collapsed, Another Bridge over Koyal River, Nagda Path has collapsed.

Khunti : A Bridge over Gurmi Ganalay Path River  has collapsed.

Latehar : A Bridge over Auranga River,  which was used mostly for Navodaya vidyalaya

Saraikela - kharsawan : A Bridge over Swarna Rekha River , Khokro and Karikidih , Ichghar have collapsed in only 6 months , It was constructed by spending an amount of Rupees 13crore 49 Lakhs .

An investigation was earlier set as these bridges collapsed, After the report as many as 25 engineers have been suspended.

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