C.M Raghubar Das To Sign MOU With Home Credit At Czech Republic

Chief Minister Raghubar Das To Sign MOU With Home Credit Finance Company At Czech Republic .

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Jamshedpur,10 October 2017 : Momentum Jharkhand Seems To Make Big Success At Czech Republic .

Chief Minister Raghubar Das  had series of meetings with delegates of leading companies at Czech Republic .These Company includes Home Credit , ŽĎAS, TS Plzeň a.s. 

An MOU of Rs 75 Cr was signed with Home Credit Finance company At Bruno , Czech Republic on 9th October 2017 , This MOU will create almost 1500 new jobs.

Home Credit is the fastest growing non banking - financial company .

Home Credit  is an international non-bank financial institution founded in 1997 in the Czech Republic.The company operates in 14 countries and focuses on lending primarily to people with little or no credit history. As of 2016 the company has over 15 million active customers, with two-thirds of them in Asia and 7.3 million in China. Major shareholder of company is with 88.62% PPF.

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