Nothing Offensive Found, After Police Raided Two Famous Hookah Bar In Jamshedpur

Yesterday Night Police Raided Top Hookah Bar Of Jamshedpur Dugout And Hangout But Did Not Found Anything Offensive

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Jamshedpur,9 October 2017 : A Raid Was Conducted By police on Dugout And Hangout .

This is the first time Jamshedpur Police is seen taking action against the hookah bar of the city ,On Sunday Night police conducted a raid on the most prestigious hookah bar of the city but did not found anything offensive.

These raid were conducted under the guidance of D.S.P (C.C.R) Sudip Kumar and D.S.P Anudeep Singh.

Police also investigated for the license of these hookah bar from their respective owner during the raid . This raid has set a threat among other hookah bar of the city as these two hookah bar are the top famous hookah bar of the cities located in Bistupur and sakchi.

Dugout is located in Sakchi whereas Hangout is located in Bistupur.

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