Rs17 Crore LED Did Not Lasted For Even 17 Days

A Notice Has Already Been Sent To The Agency Who Planted LED Lights

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Jamshedpur,7 October 2017 : LED Lights were planted by the government via an agency for the betterment of the city but these lights are not working properly.

Led lights were planted in the city few days ago but these led did not light up specially in mango area. Rs 17.33 crore was spent to light up the city with Led lights and to save the power consumptions .Some Pole were replaced with new led lights whereas some pole dd not had any lights and were planted with new led lights.

As per the residence of mango many Led did not lit up from the very next day .

Similar problems were experienced in Ranchi especially in Harmu new nagar and Sahjanand Chowk area, where the led did not lit up from the very next day.


A notice has already been sent to the agency who planted these lights in the city.

Sanjay Kumar an official of mango said that the company has not yet completed the work and has neither received the payment  .A notice has been sent to the company who planted led lights in Jamshedpur. After getting the information and the compnay is now replacing the defected lights with new one.

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