Jamshedpur : A Man Was Slapped And Was Accused OF Flirting In Pantaloons at P&M Hi Tech Mall

Two Families Clashed in Pantaloons Showroom at P&M Hi Tech Mall Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur,2 October 2017 : People Of 2 Different Families Clashed At Pantaloons Showroom.

On sunday afternoon around 01:30 pm a person was blamed for flirting and later on was slapped .

According to few , this guy was misbehaving with a minor girl so another guy caught his collar and slapped him, Family of the accused was also present inside the showroom and gathered up for his support. According to them the guy has done nothing wrong and was falsely framed.

The management inside the showroom supported the girl and argued with the other.

The scuffle continued for almost 30 minutes and later on the management brought both families out but the matter did not ended here.

The accused family continued protesting and blaming the management for falsely accusing and insulting but later on the matter cooled down after management spoke with them.

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