JNAC free crockery Jamshedpur

JNAC Started Free Crockery Bank In Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur 18 July: JNAC started free crockery bank in Jamhsepur to get rid of waste resulting from disposal plates and plastic.

To save the environment JNAC will now provide you crockery for small functions so that you don’t use disposable plates and glass. The best part of this initiative is that its totally free.

JNAC now have 50 sets of crockery which they provide to citizens of Jamshedpur for free of cost. This crockery can be used for small functions or gathering.

To book the crockery, you just have to call on +91 8210875783

After booking the crockery go an pick up your crockery from their office at Kalimati road, Sakchi.

You make sure that you take your ID proof when you go to collect the crockery, and you also need to make a security deposit which is refundable.

After using the crockery clean and return it back.

Save the environment while saving you money.

The idea of Free crockery to reduce waste is of Saurav, Saurav is an IITian and works with JNAC on solid waste management.

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