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Jamshedpur Police Will Now Put A Camera On Their Uniform

Jamshedpur, 2 July 2018: The government is taking all necessary steps to improve and digitalize the police of the city. For this government is providing all necessary types of equipment in the police station and to the police force.

Jamshedpur traffic police will now do duty with a camera on their uniform.

Yesterday, on the order of traffic D.S.P Vivekananda Thakur, Traffic police rehearsed with a camera on their uniform in Sakchi police station.

As per the S.S.P, the camera will give a transparent evidence of arguments between traffic police and citizens during the checking.

Previously many cases have been registered of a clash between the traffic police and citizens during the checking and both blame each other for indiscipline and rough behavior but nothing can be proved.

After the use of the camera, there will be no more confusion and truth will come out easily.

Other than the camera Jamshedpur traffic police are now equipped with POS machine to print the e-challan and swipe credit/debit card to collect fine.

It is now on citizens whether they way to pay by card or cash.

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