Jamshedpur Passport Sub Center Ranks Top All Over India In Making Maximum Number Of Passport

Jamshedpur 13 April 2018: There are 256 passport sub-center all over the country among which Jamshedpur has ranked the top in making the maximum number of passport.

This passport sub center was inaugurated on 19th March 2017, and since last one year, around 100 people apply daily for passport, and 2000 passport are made every month through this sub-center.

According to the report of Ranchi regional passport center, Till 2016 Ranchi regional center made 84,00 passports out of which 16,000 passports were for Jamshedpur.

As of now, 1,00,000 passport are made every year in the state out of which 35,000 are from Jamshedpur.

50% of the people who make passport in Jamshedpur fly to the middle-east county for a job, and among them, 10% are those who belong to the super rich class and makes passport to enjoy a better vacation abroad.

These days the number of students making passport has also increased, Every year 10,000 students from Jamshedpur make a passport for studying abroad.

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