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Jamshedpur Temperature Falls Further Low To 5.8 ° Leaving Ranchi Behind , Follow These Instruction

Jamshedpur Temperature Falls Further Low To 5.8 °

Jamshedpur 11 January 2018 : On 10th January temperature of Jamshedpur has fallen further low to 5.8° Celsius which was even lower than Ranchi’s temperature of 6.2° Celsius.

Jamshedpur has already broken its record on 8th January , when Jamshedpur recorded a low temperature of 6.3° Celsius . This was recorded the coldest day of this year but now the temperature has further fallen to 5.8° Celsius .

Earlier on 8th January , school timing were changed to protect children’s from chill but now no further instruction has been issued for the schools.

Top Recommendation For This Winter :

  1. Please wear a monkey cap while driving a two wheeler to protect yourself from cough and cold
  2. Eat honey
  3. Jogging and Exercise
  4. Dont Smoke
  5. Boost Your Intake Of Vitamin C  (Apricot, Tomato, Strawberry,Orange & More ) And Zinc (Spinach ,Mushroom ,Nuts and more)

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