Tatanagar Railway Station To Get MultiStorey Parking

Railway Plans To Built Multi Storey Parking At Tatanagar Railway Station

Jamshedpur, 23 November 2017 :A two storey parking  will be constructed at the current parking stand of Tatanagar railway station, Jamshedpur.

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An estimated is being prepared for the construction of this two storey parking and officers of railway engineering department have been instructed to quickly survey the parking and submit the report. After the survey and preparation of plan, contract will be given for the new parking.

Soon Tatanagar Railway  station of Jamshedpur will get its new multi story parking.Initially this will be a two story parking.

Approximately 45,000 passengers travel through Tatanagar railway station daily.

It is very difficult for these 45,000 passengers to get parking space outside Tatanagar railway station, Jamshedpur but after the construction of this new parking stand outside the station in Jamshedpur, these people can easily park their vehicle at the parking stand.

This Two storey parking will have almost double capacity than the current parking and moreover the railway is also planning to improve the security by installing CCTV cameras and automatic barricades at parking gate of railway station.

CCTV Camera and Dropping Barricades

It is also being planned to install new CCTV camera and automatic barricades at the parking gate of tatanagar railway station to improve the security of the vehicles at parking stand . The new CCTV camera will be installed at the parking gates which will specially focus on the entry and exit of vehicles from the parking area.

As of now , the automatic barricades which will be installed at parking gate is planned to be bought from kolkata


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