Raghubar Das : A New Flyover From Baradwari To Agrico

CM Raghubar Das Proposed A New Fly Over in Jamshedpur Which Will Connect Baradwari And Agrico.

CM Wills To Make Jamshedpur In Top 10 City Of India

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Jamshedpur, 21 November 2017 : CM Raghubar Das Proposed a new flyover From Baradwari To Agrico . This New Flyover will connect Baradwari to Agrico light signal.

As per CM, These Steps are taken to stop the entry of Heavy Motor Vehicle inside the city and provide them an alternative .

Moreover the chief Minister is also worried about the house in those area and does not want the houses to be demolished in order to make wider road, so he approached for a better alternative which will safeguard the house in those area and will also help to make way for the the Heavy Motor Vehicle.

As per Chief Minister the D.C has been instructed to survey the project and saction it as soon as possible.

A bridge is also constructed in Do-muhani and Luabasa to stop the entry of heavy motor vehicle in the city.

New Shopping Malls

CM Raghubar Das also spoke about his interest in construction of new shopping malls in city which will be constructed in Agrico Transport Godam and in Sidhgora (10 acres land)  .

These Malls will be constructed in PPP mode.


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