No Entry For Vehicles in Bistupur, Jamshedpur And Ranchi Main Road After 5 P.M To Control Traffic And Pollution

Vehicles Not Allowed From 05:00 pm To 10:00 pm On Bistupur Main Road , Jamshedpur and Ranchi Main Road.

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Jamshedpur,28 October 2017 : All Vehicles Will Be Restricted From Entering Bistupur Main Road in Jamshedpur and Ranchi Main Road From 05:00 pm To 10:00 Pm To control Pollution and Traffic.

This new rule will be brought in effect from 15th November 2017, As of now it is being decided on a temporary basis as a test but soon it may become a permanent rule in Jamshedpur and Ranchi , These are the two main market area of ranchi and Jamshedpur city.

The No Entry Will be valid from 05:00pm - 10:00 pm for all kinds of vehicles (Car,Motorcycle,,Scooter,Auto rickshaw,etc). However the C.M may allow e-rickshaw during the no entry but it has not been approved yet.

The No Entry Will Be Applicable in Bistupur from Gopal Maidan chowk to chhaganlal light signal (may also be extended till voltas golchakkar) and in Ranchi from Sujata cinema to Firayalal chowk.

If the plan workout in these two cities than same rule will also be applied to other cities of the state.

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  1. पता नही मकसद क्या है।
    अगर प्रदुषण नियंत्रण के लिये है तो सर जरा अपना रुख burmamines की ओर भी करे जहां आपके दिल की धड़कन टाटा स्टील द्वारा की जा रही प्रदुषण से लोगो का बुरा हाल है।
    आप एक तरफ छोटे गाड़ियों पे रोक लगा रहे हो और एक तरफ बड़े गाड़ियों को जो टाटा स्टील के लिये काम करती है उन्हें दिन भर शहर में लोगो को कुचल के चलने का छूट दे रखा है।

  2. Now this action will create problems for other routes in bistupur. And now people who will go for marketing will park their vehicles anywhere they find convenient. Govt. should look after the drawbacks first, before issuing such rules.

  3. This is a very bad deceison .if implemented there may lot of problems. What have they planned about people who go to office.banks where duty is for 8 to 12 hrs.

  4. Remarkable dicision but still we need to think of permanent solution for this issue by converting the vehicles to pollution less or e-vehicles.

  5. It will just make the alternative paths to cross the location more crowded… Pollution can’t be reduced like this

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