Jamshedpur Favourite Train To Get Third A.C Instead Of Chair Car

Tata Howrah Steel Express To Get 3rd A.C Coach This Durga Puja

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Jamshedpur,22 September 2017 : Jamshedpur Favourite Train Tata Howrah Steel Express To Get A 3rd A.C Coach Instead Of Chair Car.

One coach of Tata Howrah Steel express will now be replaced with a 3rd A.C boogie. This Step has been taken especially for the festive season.

Passengers can avail the facility of 3rd A.C in Steel Express from 25th September - 30 November 2017.

On the other hand after seeing the rush in the festive season Indian railways has also extended the services of special train . These special train are Shalimar - jaipur , Tatanagar - Vishakapatnam, santragachi - Rajkot, Santragachi - Jabalpur and Santragachi - Pune.


Indian  Railways has also ordered to to add extra coach (General, Sleeper,3rd A.C & 2nd A.C) on long distance train during this festive season to accommodate the rush.

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