‘Corona Blast’ In Jamshedpur, 123 Positive Cases Surfaced On The First Day Of The Year

Jamshedpur 2nd January 2022: There has been a big explosion of Corona in Jamshedpur on Saturday i.e., January 1, the first day of the new year.

A total of 123 cases of corona have been reported. So far, 1062 people have died of corona in Jamshedpur.

Among the corona positive cases found in Jamshedpur on Saturday, 1 in Birsanagar, 11 in Bistupur, 13 in Sidgora, 14 in Sakchi, 13 in Sonari, 9 in Golmuri, 9 in Baridih, 8 in Jugsalai, 14 in Kadma, Bagbera 2 in Musabani, 1 in Mango, 7 in Burmamines, 2 in Telco, 2 in Ghatshila, 1 in Parsudih and one in Sundernagar have been found corona positive while 9 people have been found corona positive, but they could not be traced.

At the same time, in Jamshedpur itself, the active case of the Covid has increased to 284.

However, the positivity rate in Jamshedpur has been 2.64%, and the recovery rate is 97.67%.

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