Chikungunya On The Rise In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur 29th Sep 2021: Steel City is on chikungunya and dengue alert after several cases were reported in the city in the last 48 hours.

Around 10 cases of chikungunya have been detected in East Singhbhum district alone, which has worried district health department officials.

The sudden rise in Chikungunya cases has also left the authorities to look into the reasons for this trend and ways to stop it.

District Civil Surgeon AK Lal said that during the last 48 hours, cases of Chikungunya were detected in the laboratory of MGM Medical College during the dengue test.

The Civil Surgeon said that six positive patients of Chikungunya are from East Singhbhum district, while others are from the outskirts.

He further said that Chikungunya is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito of an infected person.

However, steps are being taken to activate the machinery of the Health Department and take necessary control measures.

An official claimed that the situation is under control, and several patients have been discharged after treatment.

It is known that lack of awareness among people is a major obstacle in controlling the virus.

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