Patients Of Jamshedpur Will Get Consultation On Robotic Ortho Surgery

Jamshedpur 25th Sept 2021: Kolkata-based CK Birla Hospitals-CMRI has introduced robotic ortho surgery in eastern India, which promises to cure patients suffering from knee-related ailments.

To spread the reach of new technology, the hospital has decided to offer its counseling to the patients of the city.

Dr. Rakesh Rajput, Director, Department of Orthopedics, CMRI, said that patients can contact the Sai Center in Bhalubasa to take advantage of this revolutionary technology. He is the first person to perform Robotic Ortho Surgery in Eastern India.

“Robotic ortho surgery is a very accurate and effective way of knee replacement. People in the city can contact us to make the best use of the technology. It enables surgeons to deliver more predictable outcomes along with increased accuracy,” said Dr. Rajput while addressing a press meet.

Rajput said that CMRI has conducted the 100th Robotics Joint Replacement Surgery in Kolkata. The surgery is based on advanced computer technology with experience of intelligence to enable precision and accuracy at the minimum level. It helps in achieving the desired result in the patient after the surgery.

In addition, he said the robotics-assisted system eliminates the potential for human error and ensures correct alignment, leading to the longevity of joint implants.

Hence, the people of the city should come forward to take advantage of robotics-assisted joint replacement surgery.

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