Above 9000 People Vaccinated In A Single Day

Jamshedpur 12th April 2021: A new record for vaccination was made on Sunday. As many people who did not apply the vaccine within five days, it took as much as one day.

Corona vaccine was given on 9652 on Sunday. Most people were given the vaccine free of cost.

It has the highest number of people taking the first dose. Most vaccination has taken place in rural areas.
In Bahragowda, 924 people were vaccinated.
Similarly, 615 vaccines were given in Chakulia, 621 in Ghatshila, 3570 in urban areas.
Vaccines were given to 566 in Musabani, 572 in Potka, 280 in Patmada, 337 in Dumariya.
The first dose was given to 9590, while the second dose was given to 262 people.
During this time, there was a crowd of people at all the vaccination centers.
People complained that there was a delay in the name of the link in the center. There was a ruckus during that time also.

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