Jamshedpur Is Close To Being A Corona-Free District

Jamshedpur 30th Jan, 2021: In Jamshedpur, three blocks (CHC), Behragowda, Chakulia, and Dhalbhumgarh have become corona-free. At the same time, Dumriya, Ghatshila, Musabani, Patmada, and Potka will also be on the verge of becoming corona-free in the next three-four days.
However, there are currently 69 active cases in the urban area. At the same time, 345 health workers vaccinated on Saturday under the vaccination campaign.
On Saturday, the Corona suspected 1968 sample was investigated in Jamshedpur, in which two new COVID-19 patients have been found and with this, the total number of corona patients in Jamshedpur has reached 18004.
On the other hand, in Jamshedpur’s various COVID hospitals, eight patients recovered and went home. In this way, 17566 patients of Jamshedpur have beaten COVID-19, and the number of active patients is 63.
Giving information about this, ACMO Dr. Sahir Pal said that the news of a reduced number of corona patients is going to give relief. But people need to be responsible that they do not spread again.
The use of masks, social distancing, and sanitizer are necessary.

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