Hospital Are Running Out Of Bed In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur 28 August 2020: Since last few weeks almost all hospitals of Jamshedpur are running out of bed. Both COVID and non-COVID patients are facing this problem.

Almost all beds in city’s hospital have been occupied by COVID positive patients, patients with other disease are suffering more.

Yesterday,A 78-years-old resident of Parsudih named Manoranjan Boss was suspected to be COVID-19 positive and his son kept wandering from one hospital to another but was not able to admit his father in any hospitals by saying that, ‘’there is no bed left”

At last, his father lost his life when they were on the way back to their home.

Ujwal Boss, son of Manoranjan Boss said that his father complained of cough for two months. He was being treated by the doctor.

His cough had increased for the last two days.

Firstly, he took his father to the nursing home located in Khasmahal, where his father’s oxygen level has been checked by the doctor and was advised to take him to the TMH with oxygen.

He took his father to the TMH where the doctors had suggested to admit Mnaoranjan Boss in the COVID ward after seeing the medical papers in the emergency ward.

After seeing the medical reports, the doctors has said that, ’’there is no bed left in the COVID ward’’.

After that, he took his father to the MGM Hospital & then to Tata Motors Hospital but was not able to admit his father due to the same reason of unavailability of beds.

At last Manoranjan Bose lost his life.

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