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Jamshedpur COVID-19 Update: Corona Kills 6 In Jamshedpur and 116 New Positives

Jamshedpur 7th Aug, 2020: The death toll for Corona is increasing steadily. On Thursday, six corona patients died in Jamshedpur while 116 new positives were found.

Out of 6 people, 4 are from the city, and one is a resident of Dhanbad and other from West Bokaro. The four patients  died at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial (MGM) Medical College Hospital and two patients died at the Tata Main Hospital (TMH).

In this, a 58-years-old male, resident of Keetadih was admitted on July 28 after he complained of pneumonia and phlegm. Along with this, he also suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure.

At the same time, the resident of Parasudih, a 26-years-old committed suicide. He was then brought to MGM Hospital, where doctors declared him dead. The corona examination of the deceased was reported positive.

A third deceased is a young man of 36-years-old of Sidgowda Padma Road. He was admitted having trouble breathing.

The fourth death is from Mango Garib Nawaz Colony, a male of 63-years-old. On 5 August, he was taken to TMH on complaints of breathlessness. No beds were found there. After this, when he was taken to Mercy Hospital, he was asked to get corona examined. he was then admitted to MGM hospital. He died on Thursday. Subsequently, the corona was examined and the report came  positive.

At the same time, the fifth death is of a male of 57-years-old, who is a resident of Bokaro. He is an employee of Tata Steel. He was admitted on 3rd  August on a complaint of pneumonia.

At the same time, the sixth death of a man Dhanbad resident of 46-years-old occurred late night at TMH.

On Thursday, 150 suspected patients were sampled in .

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