Brahmanand Hospital

Brahmanand Hospital Shut After Several Nurses And Doctors Found Positive

Jamshedpur 6th Aug, 2020: A dozen of nurses and health workers, including three doctors at the Brahmanand Narayana Hospital in Tamulia, have been found corona positive. Due to this, BNH is now shut.

Because of this, the recruitment of new patients in the hospital has been stopped. Also, patients admitted from earlier are not being discharged. Presently there are about 100 patients admitted to the hospital.

All patients will probably be discharged by Thursday.

The hospital will be sanitized for the next two days and then closed completely. Also, those people who came in contact with positive doctors, nurses, and health workers will also be traced and their sample will be refer for examination.

Presumably  the hospital will remain shut till Sunday. The problems will increase for the patients of about 200 beds after the hospital is shut.

T.Ghosh, Brahmanand’s facility director said that currently admitted patients will be discharged. Consequently, the corona examination of the doctors and employees who came in contact with COVID-19 positive will also be executed.

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