Disinfectant chamber Sakchi Jamshedpur

JNAC Installed A Disinfectant Chamber In Sakchi, Jamshedpur, Plans To Install More

Jamshedpur 9 April:  A disinfectant chamber was set up at the temporary vegetable market at Sakchi at the parking bay near the Basant Talkies Roundabout by JNAC.

The portable disinfection chamber has a mist sprayer through which sanitizers would be sprayed on throughout the body disinfecting it in nearly five minutes.

This disinfectant chamber will help to control the spread of Coronavirus.

Sensing the need of sensitisation we have installed the disinfection chamber at the vegetable market which has been temporarily shifted near the Basant Talkies Roundabout for the vegetable sellers and also for the buyer. Depending on the response we would be installing similar facilities at crowded places like Golmuri, Bistupur, Kadma and Sonari, said Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC), special officer, Krishna Kumar.

A Disinfection Chamber donated by the state health department for healthcare workers has also been set up earlier this week at the MGM Hospital as a measure to check the infection of coronavirus. The chamber has been especially set up for doctors and medical staff attending to patients in the isolation ward. Such doctors and medical staff will be moved to the Disinfection Chamber after they emerge from the isolation ward so that the chances of the virus on them are cleared.

The administration is also toying with the idea of setting up disinfectant tunnels at inter-state border points. East Singhbhum shares its borders on three sides with Bengal and Odisha. There are 12 checkpoints at border points to check visitors during the lockdown.

We are planning to construct temporary disinfectant tunnels at inter-state check-points in the district. Talks have been held with a private agency and we hope to start disinfectant tunnels within a week. Vehicles and people will be sanitised before entering the district,” the deputy commissioner said.

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