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Saryu Roy : Either Improve Or Lock Down M.G.M Hospital

Minister of Food and Supply Department, Saryu Roy have asked the health minister Ramchandra Raghuvanshi to either improve the hospital condition or lock it down.

Saryu Roy has earlier shown concern towards M.G.M hospital and made statements against the poor condition of the hospital.

One or other incident of mismanagement, patients not getting treatment, unavailability of doctors are being reported almost daily.

Minister Saryu Roy asked questions regarding the transfer of staff without assigning another on their position and also asked why the department has not given information on the instruction given during the high-level meetings held in the last two years.

Cleaning staff protested in M.G.M hospital

On the other hand, Asthai Karmchari Sangh also protested against the removal of 78 cleaning staff from M.G.M hospital.

The Sangh asked questions on how would a hospital of 560 bed would able to manage with 40 cleaning staff, that also only 13 working in each shift.

Secretary general of Asthai Karmchari Sangh, Ravi Namta with other staffs demanded to reappoint the cleaning staff.

Outsource staff angry on being sacked from M.G.M

Outsourced staff, who are protesting since last one week held a meeting in M.G.M hospital and decided to take further steps to draw government attention.

These staffs were removed from M.G.M and are now protesting to be reappointed, on this meeting they decided to go and beg as part of their protest and to fulfill their basic necessity.

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