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23.5 Acres Of Land Approved To Tata For Cancer Hospital In Ranchi

Jamshedpur 8 Aug 2018: Cabinet approved 23.5 acres of land to Tata for a cancer hospital in Ranchi.

This land in Rinpas, Ranchi has been allocated at Rs 1 for 30 years to Tata trust.

The construction of this hospital will start as soon as legal procedures are done and it will take about 18 -24 months to construct this hospital.

This hospital will be a world-class cancer hospital similarly like the Tata cancer hospital in Mumbai.

This hospital will be constructed and operate under Public-private partnership and a Special Purpose Cleric will be constituted for managing the hospital.

This hospital will be constructed in two-phase, the first will be establishing the state of the art cancer care center, where treatment will be given at government prescribed price and the second will be of establishing a university and 6 comprehensive cancer care center.

Moreover, 7 diagnostic and day care unit will also be established near the hospital.

The charges at this hospital will be the same as prescribed by the central government under kendra sarkar swasth yojna .

This hospital will be a boon to all the cancer patients in the country and especially to the one residing in Jharkhand, Bihar, Chattisgarh and Orissa.

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