Jamshedpur Witnessed The Lowest Temperature Yesterday, Death Count Increased

Jamshedpur Witnessed The Lowest Temperature Yesterday

Temperature Reached A low Of 6.3 Degree Celsius , Death Count Increased

Jamshedpur 9 January 2018 : On Monday 8th January Jamshedpur witnessed the lowest temperature of 6.3 degree . Till now,this was the coldest days of winter this year.

The maximum temperature was 25 degree celsius and lowest temperature was 6.3 degree celsius which was 6 degree lower than the usual temperature.

The weather bureau have already set an alert of low temperature in Jamshedpur and predicted this low temperature with windy climate for the next three days.

The number of death due to heart attack and cold stroke has increased because of low temperature. Most of the heart patients who have died recently were above the age of 50. Doctors have suggested the old aged to take proper measures to protect themself for wind and keep their body warm.

The blood pressure generally increases in cold which paves way for cold stroke and silent heart attack.

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