Meditrina Waives Off Rs. 1 Lakh Dues Of A Patient: Dr. Ajoy Intervenes

Jamshedpur 8th Dec 2021: The intervention of former Jamshedpur MP and Congress National Spokesperson Dr. Ajoy Kumar worked as Meditrina waived off Rs. 1,00,000 dues relating to the treatment of a person who was admitted to the hospital for cardiovascular treatment.

The patient was admitted to Meditrina in a serious condition. His treatment was not successful as he died 15 minutes after the operation.

However, the bill for treatment reached Rs. 1,98,380, which the family was not in a position to pay.

The family members requested former MP Dr. Ajoy Kumar.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ajoy Kumar persuaded the hospital management to waive off the remaining dues.

As a result, the hospital management waived off Rs. 1,00,000 dues through the reference of Dr. Ajoy Kumar.

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