Jamshedpur’s Sakchi Market Will Be Developed On The Lines Of Delhi Chandni Chowk

Jamshedpur 28th Nov 2021: If everything goes according to plan, the famous Sakchi market will be developed on the lanes of Chandni Chowk in Delhi.

Jamshedpur MLA Saryu Roy has started a campaign to develop the Sakchi market as a model market.

As part of the initiative, the MLA, along with his supporters, visited the Sakchi market in the early hours.

On this occasion, Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee Officer Krishna Kumar and local shopkeepers were also present.

Roy said that Sakchi will develop the market on the lanes of Chandni Chowk in Delhi.

It is known that the lease agreement of Tata Steel expired in the year 2012, and now the Sakchi Sairat land is going to be handed over to the government from its ownership.

As soon as the JNAC administration gets the land from the government, the construction work of the market will be started systematically.

However, there is a lot of anger and curiosity among the traders due to the news of the market being demolished and converted into multi-story buildings.

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