Jamshedpur Truck Welfare Association Demands An Increase In Tariff

Jamshedpur 15th Nov 2021: The Jamshedpur Truck and Trailer Owners Welfare Association have demanded an immediate increase in tariff for Tata Steel in the transportation of goods.

In the meeting held at the Sakchi office of the association, the members condemned the stubborn attitude of the steel company and said that the vehicle owners are forced to live in poverty.

“It is shocking that Tata Steel has banned the entry of 10 years old vehicles in its operations. Owners who have owned vehicles for more than 10 years are in limbo. Also, the company has not increased the freight transport charges for the registered sellers,” said an official of the Jamshedpur Truck and Trailer Owners Welfare Association.

Kulwinder Singh Pannu, president of Jamshedpur Truck and Trailer Owners Welfare Association, said that the entire transport industry has been affected by the company’s decision.

He also said that the steel company should take steps to increase the tariff.

Around 5-10 thousand truck and trailer owners operate through Tata Steel’s registered vendors.

However, they allege that the registered sellers are not paying them proper transportation charges. It has led to massive unemployment and losses.

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