MMC Will Start The Repair Of Jamshedpur Chhath Ghats

Jamshedpur 19th Oct 2021: Mango Municipal Corporation (MMC) Special Officer Deepak Sahay issued the orders during a meeting for the cleaning and repair of all Chhat ghats along the Swarnarekha river before the start of the religious ceremony.

MMC officers and employees were given responsibilities of repairing the Chhat Ghats, leveling areas, proper lighting and repairs along the roads leading to the ghats, provision of drinking water, replacement of enclosures, barricading danger zones along the river, and removing shrub and wild plant growth.

However, work will start on Tuesday, 19th October.

All MMC officers and employees have been directed to inspect the Chhat ghats and prepare them to incorporate safety and comfort measures for the devotees.

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