Saryu Roy Meets President Ram Nath Kovind, Hands Letter On Delay In The Formation Of The Municipal Body In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur 14th Oct 2021: Jamshedpur MLA and former cabinet minister Saryu Roy on Wednesday met President Ram Nath Kovind and handed over a letter citing delay in the formation of a legal municipal body in Jamshedpur.

The letter cited the provisions of the 74th Amendment to the Constitution of India and said non-formation of municipal bodies in Jamshedpur would deprive the residents of the fundamental rights of the city.

“I have been trying that the Jharkhand government should constitute a legal municipal body in Jamshedpur. In 2005, the Jharkhand government had decided to set up a municipal corporation in Jamshedpur. An Act was passed for this by the Legislative Assembly. But this decision could not be implemented. As a result, despite the provision of setting up of Municipal Corporation/ Industrial City for larger urban areas in the Constitutional Amendment in 1973, it has not yet been formed here,” the letter states.

The letter also referred to Section C of 243Q of the Constitution regarding the formation of Municipalities and States, “Article 243Q of the Constitution provides for the formation of a “city council” for smaller urban areas and a “Nagar panchayat” for transitional areas from village to city. 

Before the 74th Amendment of the Constitution, municipal bodies in small urban areas were called “Municipality” and municipal bodies in transitional areas were called “Notified Area Committees”.

“A time limit of one year was set for the implementation of the provisions of the 74th Amendment. The irony is that despite the passage of so many years, only the “Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee” is still functioning in Jamshedpur, which is not constitutional. Jamshedpur is a large urban area. After the 74th Constitutional Amendment, a “Municipal Corporation or Industrial City” should have been established here within a year” the letter informs the President.

Saryu Roy also informed in the letter that he had raised this issue many times before the State Government, Central Government, and other competent authorities in the state since the year 2005, but till now, it has not been resolved. As a result, the citizens of Jamshedpur have been deprived of the constitutional right for a long time to get normal municipal services and make their statutory contribution in the formation of a lawful municipal body.

“You (President) are the supreme custodian of the Constitution and have civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Therefore, you are kindly requested to give constitutional rights to the citizens of Jamshedpur to form a municipal body and to pave the way for the formation of a constitutionally approved municipal body in Jamshedpur and give necessary instructions to the Central Government, Jharkhand Government, and other competent authorities to decide this direction at the earliest,” requests the letter.


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